10 Places to Get Free Household Items (Online & Offline)

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free household itemsLet’s be honest, is there many word that are more awesome than the word “free”? I don’t think so. Well, today I’m going to hook you up by revealing ten places where you can get free household items. Here they are:


1. Pay a visit to moving neighbors – It’s never failed that when I’ve moved from one place to another, there was a bunch of stuff that didn’t make it into the moving van. Some of the items were boxed up and stored away from a prior move. Or, they were things that I knew wouldn’t fit with my new home. So I either gave the items away or left them on the curb for trash pick up. I’ll bet you have neighbors who think the same way when they’re moving. So look out for moving notices or even sales. Chances are there will be a lot of stuff given away for free.

2. Check out Freecycle.org  – This is a non-profit networking web site. There are groups set up for most town. The whole concept and mission of the site is to encourage people to give away their stuff rather than send it to the landfill. You can even post a request if you’re seeking a specific type of household item.

3. Go to School – If you love near a college or university, take a drive over there at the end of the year. The students, especially those who are graduating, will toss out all kinds of things that they purchased during the year but can’t take home. You’re likely to find furniture and appliances that are still is pretty good condition.

4. Peruse the classified ads – Yes, it’s true that traditional newspapers are slowly dying. But until they do, you’ll still find lots of little nuggets in the classifieds. You might be surprised that some people still advertise in them, but that may work to your advantage if you’re the only one looking for free stuff.

5. Take a stroll through the Facebook Marketplace –  I took a lot at this web site and saw a small selection of free items but lots of low-priced stuff. In addition, you can make special requests. It’s worth a quick look.

6. Visit Craigslist – There’s a section of Craigslist that is dedicated to free stuff. I saw lots of furniture being listed for my area. All you have to do is call and arrange pick it. Doesn’t get any easier than that.

7. Make the road your friend – There’s probably a trash day in your neighborhood where people toss out things they don’t want. But not everything that ends up on the curb is rubbish right? Remember my earlier tip about moving neighbors? So drive around on trash day and see what used household items people are discarding. As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

8. Yelp it up – Yelp is a place where you can go and create reviews about local businesses and the quality of their products and services. But if you enter the word “free” in their search box, you’ll get all kinds of interesting things. Yes, you’ll see reviews that contain words like “gluten-free dishes” or “sugar free ice cream. But you’ll also see comments that mention “free breakfast”, “free tickets”, and “free pizza”. And check the related topics for this search term as well and you’ll see additional listings. Not a lot of household items, but you can still find opportunities to save money.

9. Get social on social media – Connect with or subscribe to the pages and accounts of local businesses in your area. Sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are the most popular but not the only ones. Look for businesses that show high activity and participation on social media. Occasionally, they will send out a message or email promoting something for free or dirt cheap.

10. Don’t forget about garage sales – The best strategy for this one is to arrive at the garage sale late in the day when the homeowner is tired and ready to wrap things up. They’ll be in a mood to get rid of everything left as quickly as possible. That’s when you can work your negotiating magic. Perhaps you can convince the homeowner to bundle a bunch of stuff for one ridiculously low price.

So how many of these ten places to get household items free did you already know about? I’ll bet a few them caught you by surprise. And if you know of some places that should be included on this list, mention it in the comment section below.