How to Accelerate Wealth Creation & Conclusion

accelerate wealth

It’s great that you’ve reached a point where your debt is mostly under control and you’re saving money for the future. And when you move up to the Red Wealth Belt level, you’ll discover even more ways to diversify your investment portfolio and keep that money working for you. But you should pause for a moment to answer this important … [Read more...]

Yellow Wealth Belt (YWB): Introduction

yellow wealth belt

The Financial Dojo Yellow Wealth Belt™ is the next level up from the entry-level White Wealth Belt™. As the holder of a Yellow Wealth Belt you are like a seed that is experiencing the warmth and energy of sunlight for the first time. You can now feel the rays of useful financial knowledge seeping into your consciousness. Yellow Wealth … [Read more...]

FICO Credit Score Boosters

credit score boosters

Believe it or not, it’s not very difficult to identify the components that affect your FICO credit score. This information is widely available. In addition, it shouldn’t surprise you that some components carry more weight than others. But what matters most is what you do with this knowledge. You have to apply it. Below are the elements that make up … [Read more...]

8 Step Credit Report Dispute Strategy


In the White Wealth Belt course, you learned the basics of disputing incorrect/inaccurate items contained in your credit file. Unfortunately, a credit bureau may not honor your first polite request to resolve the problem. The 8-step credit dispute strategy is a ninja technique that you can use to turn up the heat on them. The key to this technique … [Read more...]

Ways to Reduce Expenses

reduce expenses

When it comes to reducing your spending and keeping your debt under control, it first starts with the recognition that there is a problem. Then, you should identify the sources that are zapping your wallet the hardest and the deepest. I’ll cover the areas that deserve the greatest attention.  Yellow Wealth Belt (YWB) Jumpstart Training … [Read more...]

White Wealth Belt (WWB): Introduction

white wealth belt

The White Wealth Belt™ is our lowest or entry level belt. If you are seeking knowledge to transform your personal finances and enhance your financial self-defense skills through our dojo, you are hereby granted a White Wealth Belt. But it also means that your finances are probably taking a severe beating and you need to learn some of the basic … [Read more...]

Cleaning Up Your Credit Report

cleaning up your credit report

There are two phases to regaining control of your credit. The first phase is to review your credit reports and make sure they don’t contain incorrect or inaccurate information about you or your credit history. This is the area that we will focus on in this section of the mini-course. White Wealth Belt (WWB) Jumpstart Training … [Read more...]

3 Debt Relief Options If You Can No Longer Make Minimum Payments

debt relief options

When you obtain your credit reports, they will probably confirm what you already know about your finances. You may see large outstanding balances that seem insurmountable. The monthly payments may exceed your take home pay. So what can you do when you’re drowning, but don’t want to deal with the long term effects of bankruptcy?  White … [Read more...]

Saving and Investing Strategy & Conclusion

saving and investing

As the holder of a White Wealth Belt, socking away a lot of money for the future should not be a significant priority right now. Your main objective is to get your total outstanding debt down to an easily manageable level. When you reach that point, then you should start contributing to savings and investment accounts. White Wealth Belt … [Read more...]

How to Calculate Your Retirement Income Needs

retirement nest egg

One of the most frequently asked questions among those who are trying to plan for their futures is, “How much do I need to save for retirement?” No doubt, this is an extremely important question because the answer will provide a foundation on which all aspects of your financial life can then be worked out. If you know the total amount you’ll … [Read more...]

Our Wealth-Building System: The C.A.L.M. Approach

the calm approach

Every dojo offers a system, focus, and set of techniques for teaching students to protect themselves and achieve their goals. In martial arts, the systems go by names such as Jiu-jitsu, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, etc. Here at Financial Dojo, we teach the CALM Approach™ or System. That’s why our tagline is, “Take the C.A.L.M. Approach to Building … [Read more...]