Introduction to The Puzzle Box Paradigm

puzzle box paradigm

If you ask anyone in my family, they would tell you that from a very young age I was constantly thinking of ways and ideas to make money. I was utterly fascinated with business and hoped I would have my own company one day. What I discovered later in life is that my passion for business was driven more by being able to turn thoughts and ideas into … [Read more...]

Guiding Principle #3: Know Thy Finances

household budget

The third guiding principle of the Puzzle Box Paradigm is to know your current financial and wealth situation. This puzzle box border also shares a corner puzzle piece with the “Know Thy Personality” border where it’s critical that you understand your relationship with money.  That relationship is a powerful determinant of your wealth building … [Read more...]

Guiding Principle #4: Know Thy Goals & Conclusion

goal setting

The fourth guiding principle of the Puzzle Box Paradigm is to know your goals. And while this is the final border of your personal puzzle box picture, it is just as important as the other sides. In fact, it shares corner puzzle pieces with the “Know Thy Lifestyle” and “Know Thy Finances” borders. So the thoughts and ideas that you generated in … [Read more...]

Introduction: How This Web Site Works

financial dojo overview

Welcome to the Financial Dojo Overview & Orientation guide for this web site. This is your starting point. It is where you will get an introduction to the layout of the site, how to best use it, what to expect, and how it can help you. If you’re not familiar with the term “dojo”, it is commonly used in the world of martial arts to refer to a … [Read more...]

What the CALM Approach Wealth Belts Mean

wealth belts

Like any good dojo, we have a system for recognizing your financial accomplishments and measuring your progress. The system is comprised of what we call the CALM Approach™ Wealth Belts. As you reach and exceed certain modest milestones on your journey to master the CALM Approach and build wealth, you will be assigned the designated belt. Currently … [Read more...]

6 Easy Steps to Creating a Household Budget and Reducing Debt

household budgeting

Saving enough money to purchase a home or car, take a dream vacation, or build wealth for retirement starts with one very important factor. You must first gain an intimate understanding of how much money you have coming in and where it all goes. The best way to get a handle on your personal finances and minimize stress is to create and follow a … [Read more...]

Credit Report Information Alert: 6 Organizations That Can Legally Spy On Your Private File

prying eyes

Think you know who all is taking a peek at your credit report information? Don't bet on it. Your credit file is accessible to more people than you would imagine. Oh sure, you expect a potential creditor to examine your credit report information when you apply for a car loan, mortgage, or new credit card. They always tell you if you've been … [Read more...]

Roth IRA Inheritance Rules: 3 Key Things You Need to Know

will signing

When it comes to the Roth IRA inheritance rules, there are a few important things you need to keep in mind. The rules will vary depending on whether the inheritor is a spouse or non-spouse. Of course, there are many benefits of a Roth IRA. In my opinion, it's one of the best wealth building investment vehicles available. While you're living, … [Read more...]