Black Wealth Belt (BWB): Introduction

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black wealth beltThe Financial Dojo Black Wealth Belt™ is our second highest wealth belt. It is above the Red Wealth Belt™ and below the Master Black Wealth Belt™. As a Black Wealth Belt™ holder, it means that you are approaching “rare air” financial territory.

Black represents the unknown beyond the sun. It signifies a desire and openness for new and greater knowledge and challenges.  After following the guidance laid out in the other mini-courses, you should now be well versed in many financial strategies, and have the ability to help and educate others.

At this point, you have a decision to make on whether you wish to push the envelope further toward the Master Black Wealth Belt™ level. And your decision should be based on your answers to these questions.

–   Are you on pace to achieve your retirement money goal?

If the answer is yes or no…

–   Would you like to accelerate the process of building more wealth?

If your answer is no to the second question, then you should proceed with all that you’ve learned thus far, fine tune it, and keep saving and investing smartly.  We will continue to provide great content that will help you achieve your financial goals with confidence.

Now, if you answered yes, then most of this mini-course is for you. Accelerating wealth-building means that you want to increase the size of your annual income. When this happens, you’ll have a lot more money to save and invest.

Assuming you’re not seeking to change jobs, the best way to expand your income is to tap into your entrepreneurial spirit and start a part-time business (or full-time if you like) online or off.  So, in this mini-course, you’ll learn how to take advantage of your skills, talents, and knowledge to make money.  I think you’re going to love it.

But before we get rolling, you should take the Black Wealth Belt test below. The purpose of the test is to confirm that you are indeed at the appropriate belt level.

Take the Black Wealth Belt™ Test

Review and answer the 10 questions below to determine your current financial situation. If you answer “yes” to ALL questions, you’re at the right level.  You can then continue on with the rest of the course. But if any one of your answers is “no”, you’re at most at the Red Wealth Belt level. So go back to that mini-course and complete that test.

Spending Mastery Test:

  • Is your FICO Credit Score 741 or higher?
  • Are your total monthly debt payments less than 35% of your total monthly gross income (pre-tax)? (See Note 1)


Note 1: Your total monthly debt payment/commitment is comprised of the amounts you pay on all the loans, contracts, leases, and agreements you’ve locked into. Examples of this would be your mortgage (principal, interest, taxes, and insurance), credit cards, student loans, car loans, apartment lease, homeowner’s association fees, furniture financing, remodeling loan, legal judgments, child support, alimony, etc. So, it does not include basic living expenses such as utilities, groceries, car fuel and maintenance, etc.

Saving & Investing (S&I) Mastery Test:

Calculate 50% of your total current savings and investments (S&I). Now answer these questions:

  • Would that be enough to completely pay off all your outstanding debt obligations (mortgage, cars, credit cards, loans, everything) right now, today?
  • If yes, and you paid off all those debts, would your remaining (S&I) balance exceed $200,000?
  • Is it safe to say that at least 50% of your total outstanding debt could be paid down from money held in saving and investment accounts that would not be subject to early-withdrawal penalties by the IRS if you had to use those funds?


Congrats! Successful completion of the first two parts of the test means that you have achieved Black Wealth Belt™ (In Waiting) status. “In-Waiting” means that you won’t be an official Black Wealth Belt ninja until you address the final Knowledge Mastery Questions below.

Knowledge Mastery Questions:  


If you answered yes to ALL test questions above, congratulations, you are now an official Black Wealth Belt holder.

(Note: Don’t worry, the rest of the mini-course is in the works, but I need your help. What sort of income expanding and wealth building topics would you like to see covered in the Black Wealth Belt mini-course? For example, real estate investing, MLM, Internet Marketing, etc. Leave your thoughts and comments below.)