Introduction: How This Web Site Works

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how this site works
Welcome to the Financial Dojo Overview & Orientation guide for this web site. This is your starting point. It is where you will get an introduction to the layout of the site, how to best use it, what to expect, and how it can help you. If you’re not familiar with the term “dojo”, it is commonly used in the world of martial arts to refer to a place, hall, or school to learn the arts of self-defense.

Financial Dojo
Overview & Orientation Guide

  1. Introduction: How This Web Site Works
  2. 5 Ways to Get What You Want From This Web Site
  3. What the CALM Approach Wealth Belts Mean
  4. Mindset and Attitude: Our Philosophy
  5. Navigating the Financial Gauntlet: A Personal Story
  6. 8 Ways to Ensure You Have No Money Worries


The term is a perfect fit here because this is a place where you will learn the art of financial self-defense and how to fight for financial freedom, master wealth-building skills, and ultimately achieve your dreams.



This is not your typical cookie-cutter personal finance web site. There are tons of those online. Yes, you will learn many helpful tips and techniques for organizing and managing your personal finances. We will also invite experts to provide you with the best information.

But our goal is to go a lot further. So we will place a heavy emphasis on growing wealth beyond typical investments such as stocks and bonds. Specifically, we will discuss and provide ideas for how you can and should fully use your talents, skills, and passions to reach your financial goals much faster.

In a changing world where corporate loyalties and guaranteed pensions are a thing of the past, many smart people are exerting more control over their financial futures. Starting a part-time (or even full-time) business is one of the ways. Stay tuned.

Theme of Web Site

I chose a martial arts theme for this web site because many of the same virtues needed to be successful at martial arts will serve you well when it comes to building wealth. Here are six key martial arts virtues that we like and that you should rely on to achieve your financial dreams:

– Knowledge
– Discipline
– Goal setting
– Self-control
– Honesty
– Perseverance

The second reason for using this theme is because it’s fun and entertaining, and I love martial arts movies. It’s good to have interesting ways to talk about money that won’t make the discussions dull and dry.

Site Layout and Organization

The layout and flow of this site is somewhat similar to that of a school or learning institution. Of course the dojo is the school. The Wealth Belt™ colors of white, yellow, green, red, black, and master black that you see on the navigation menu are equivalent to grade levels. Their meaning is discussed later in this guide. And the categories of spending, saving, investing, and earning shown on a separate navigation menu are the classrooms.

The belts and classrooms share the same information, just organized differently.

Additionally, in this dojo, we teach a financial self-defense and wealth-building style or system that we refer to as the C.A.L.M. Approach™. I’ll cover the approach in greater detail later on, but for now just know that it is an acronym that stands for following:

(C) reate a Roth IRA
(A) ccumulate savings faster than debt
(L) ive a positive balanced life
(M) ultiply your income streams

So just as a real martial arts dojo would teach its students to become proficient at Taekwondo, we want you to become a master of the C.A.L.M. Approach™.

Next Steps

With the preliminaries out of the way, here’s how you should proceed. First, bookmark this web site so that you can quickly find and visit us any time with one ninja click.

Second, read the remaining pages of this important orientation guide. The topics that are addressed include:

•  5 ways to get the most from this web site
•  What the “Wealth Belts™” mean
•  Mindset and attitude
•  Navigating the financial gauntlet
•  8 ways to ensure you have no money worries

Now, after reading this orientation guide, you may be tempted to pick your applicable wealth belt and dive right in. I would advise you not to do that. Instead, you should review all of the content within the “Start Here” category and complete the recommended exercises.

For example, after reading this guide, go to the next section of the Start Here category, which will give you more information about the CALM Approach™.

Then, check out the Puzzle Box Paradigm™. It’s a separate mini-course that will transform the way you think about money and how to use it to achieve your dreams. It also includes foundational exercises and quizzes that you should complete. Doing this will give you perspective and make it much easier to understand and navigate through the wealth belts.

Next, complete the section that walks you through calculating your retirement money goal. By establishing a long term goal, you’ll have a clear target to shoot for and be able to develop a detail plan to reach it.

Finally, once you know your retirement money goal, it’ll then be time to choose the wealth belt color that applies to you.  You’ll find that each wealth belt has its own mini-course. Be sure to read the entire mini-course for your belt before clicking all over the place. That’s because it is the blueprint that lays out what you need to do to get to the next wealth belt level.

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