5 Retirement Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid

retirement planning mistakes

Many people make the five avoidable retirement planning mistakes discussed below. The mistakes are primarily related to participation in a employer-sponsored retirement plan, portfolio diversification, and accessing funds to soon. If you can avoid these errors, your chances of a worry-free retirement will be greatly enhanced. 1. Not participating … [Read more...]

Avoid These 6 Investing Traps and Enjoy Greater Returns

investing trap

When it comes to investing in stocks and other financial instruments, below are some of the common traps that every wealth-building ninja should know about. Specifically, this article will cover traps such as sticking with investments too long, getting the wrong advice, not doing the appropriate research, and more. After reading and understanding … [Read more...]

Why and How to Invest in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts)


If you're looking for an under-the-radar investment that has a history of great returns, then consider REITs. In this article, you'll learn why and how to invest in REITs. Specifically, you'll get the scoop on the three types, how they work, investment options, and how you make money. After gaining a basic understanding of them, you'll have … [Read more...]

What Is a 401k Plan and How Does It Work?


Without a doubt, the most well-known retirement plan is the 401k. It has been around since 1978. Believe it or not, it was originally intended as a way for banks to provide an additional retirement benefit to their employees. What they specifically wanted was a way to match a part of the contributions that employees put into their 401k … [Read more...]

Roth 401k vs Traditional 401k – Which Is Better?


You've probably heard of the Roth IRA, but did you know that there is such a thing as a Roth 401k? Many people make the mistake of thinking that the Roth 401k is an alternative to the Roth IRA. Not so, but they are cousins. The more relevant comparison would be the Roth 401k vs Traditional 401k. In this article, you'll learn about what the Roth … [Read more...]