How to Find a Reputable Credit Counseling Agency

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If you want to learn how to find a reputable credit counseling agency, this article covers the key questions you should ask to avoid the scammers. Specifically, you want to press them about licensing, accreditation, services, and fees. Here are the top seven questions. Question #1: What source can I use to verify that you're a federally approved, … [Read more...]

5 Dire Consequences of Having Bad Credit


If you think that having a bad credit score is not that big of deal, you're sadly mistaken. The consequences of having bad credit are far and wide. Below, you'll learn about things such as higher fees, and the potential impact on your employment and marriage. After reading these tips, I think you'll make and even bigger effort to take care of your … [Read more...]

The 4 Best Debt Consolidation Options and When It’s Smart to Pursue This Strategy


When you're considering consolidating debt, it means that you're attempting to lump all of your debts together in order to make one payment to creditors. It's not for everyone, especially if your debts are deep and severe. But if handled correctly, it can be a great way to pay off creditors faster and save money. In this artlcle, you'll learn … [Read more...]

How to Talk to Debt Collectors and Gain the Upper Hand

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If you want to know how to interact with difficult debt collectors, this information is for you. In this article, you'll learn what powers debt collectors have, what to say to them on the phone, and how to negotiate with them. After reading this information, you'll discover that debt collectors are more like paper tigers than fire breathing … [Read more...]

Credit Card vs Debit Card – The Pros and Cons of Each


When it comes to the credit card vs debit card debate, you might think that they're kind of the same thing give or take a few minor tweaks. But, in fact, they are very different. And each can play a different and important role in your finances and the decisions you make about spending money. After reading this article, you should have a clear … [Read more...]

How to Close a Credit Card Account Without Hurting Your Credit Score

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Many years ago when I was establishing a credit history and not paying very close attention to my credit file, I accumulated as many as 12 credit cards. A nice chunk of them were department store and retail cards that I came by as a result of taking advantage of (or falling for) instant 10%-15% discounts on purchases while checking out at the cash … [Read more...]

7 Unconventional Ways to Eliminate Student Loan Debt

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Have you ever the heard the funny joke about how a nuclear bomb could explode on your town, and everything would die except for the rats and cockroaches? Of course, the point is that they are virtually indestructible. Well, in the world of money and personal finance, federal student loan debt is like the cockroach that can't be destroyed. You … [Read more...]

Credit Report Information Alert: 6 Organizations That Can Legally Spy On Your Private File

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Think you know who all is taking a peek at your credit report information? Don't bet on it. Your credit file is accessible to more people than you would imagine. Oh sure, you expect a potential creditor to examine your credit report information when you apply for a car loan, mortgage, or new credit card. They always tell you if you've been … [Read more...]