What the CALM Approach Wealth Belts Mean

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wealth belts
Like any good dojo, we have a system for recognizing your financial accomplishments and measuring your progress. The system is comprised of what we call the CALM Approach™ Wealth Belts. As you reach and exceed certain modest milestones on your journey to master the CALM Approach and build wealth, you will be assigned the designated belt. Currently there are 6 Wealth Belt levels.

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The lowest level wealth belt is White, which is then followed by Yellow, Green, Red, Black, and Master Black (highest level). Each wealth belt has its own parameters and requirements. The parameters were developed from available information such FICO Credit Scores, average household debt and spending, etc.

To determine your belt level, you’ll be asked several questions about your finances. If you answer “yes” to all of them, that’s your new level. But keep in mind that you’re also required to read all the wealth belt mini-courses below your belt, as well as the orientation and jumpstart material under the “Start Here” category, before you can officially say you’re at a particular belt level.

Watch the following video to get a quick overview of the Wealth Belts™…

If you’re not familiar with the CALM Approach™, check out this article…Our Wealth-Building System: The C.A.L.M. Approach.

Below is a list of the wealth belts. I’ve included a couple of the basic parameters to point you in the right direction. But there are several more questions you’ll have to answer to confirm where you stand. Have fun with it. And trust that if you make the effort to climb the levels, you will be a serious ass-kicking, wealth-building ninja that will catapult you far ahead of the vast majority of Americans.


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I’ll continue to refine the requirements for the belts based on your feedback and whatever else makes sense. Again, remember that this is meant to provide a bit of fun and motivation. At the same time, it should give you a reasonable and realistic idea of what a successful wealth-building path looks like. Let me know what you think.

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