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Through our FREE Coupon Center you can find great savings on groceries and other products. The way it works is simple. First, enter your Zip Code, then decide if you want to search for bargains by Popular Categories or Popular Brands.

Next, click on the coupons you want and print them on your printer. Our Coupon Center is automatically updated daily to reflect new deals, and there’s no limit to how many coupons you can print. So come back often. In addition, you should notice a tab that says Coupon Codes. This is where you can get discount codes to online deals offered by many popular retail web sites. That’s all to it. Have fun!

NOTE: You may be asked to install a “coupon printer” file on your computer. This is 100% safe since Coupons.com is a totally legitimate and popular company. I have it on my computer. The purpose of the special printer file is to make sure the coupons are printed in the proper and secure format that will be acceptable to the retailer/supermakret.