How to Negotiate With Collection Agencies, Creditors and Debt Collectors

how to negotiate with collection agencies

If you've been getting nagging phone calls about paying past due bills, then you should read these tips for how to negotiate with collection agencies, creditors, and debt collectors. You'll learn how to prepare yourself, which debts to negotiate first, and proven negotiating rules. This information will help you to become a stronger and more … [Read more...]

12 Ways Your Debt Collector May Be Breaking the Law


All debt collection agencies know that they must follow the rules specified in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). It's the law. And in many areas it's quite clear. Take a look at this list to see if your collector is skirting any debt collection laws.   1. Calling you during disallowed hours of the day - The rules state that … [Read more...]

Is Bankruptcy the Best Option for Me? (Answers to Your Question)

bankruptcy option

If your debt is piling up and you just don't feel there's a way to get from under it, then filing for bankruptcy is one possible solution. But the big question is should you do it or seek out another alternative?   In this article, you'll learn about the two basic types of bankruptcy, other options, and what will happen if you decide to … [Read more...]

10 Things Filing for Bankruptcy Can and Can’t Do for You


If you're thinking about filing for bankruptcy, then it would be wise to know what all it can and can't do for you. Yes, it can keep most of the wolves off your doorstep. But it's not a cure-all. Here are some of the key benefits and limitations to filing for bankruptcy.   What Bankruptcy Can Do Stop your wages from being garnished - If a … [Read more...]

The 4 Best Debt Consolidation Options and When It’s Smart to Pursue This Strategy


When you're considering consolidating debt, it means that you're attempting to lump all of your debts together in order to make one payment to creditors. It's not for everyone, especially if your debts are deep and severe. But if handled correctly, it can be a great way to pay off creditors faster and save money. In this artlcle, you'll learn … [Read more...]

How to Talk to Debt Collectors and Gain the Upper Hand

call center

If you want to know how to interact with difficult debt collectors, this information is for you. In this article, you'll learn what powers debt collectors have, what to say to them on the phone, and how to negotiate with them. After reading this information, you'll discover that debt collectors are more like paper tigers than fire breathing … [Read more...]

7 Unconventional Ways to Eliminate Student Loan Debt

student loan debt

Have you ever the heard the funny joke about how a nuclear bomb could explode on your town, and everything would die except for the rats and cockroaches? Of course, the point is that they are virtually indestructible. Well, in the world of money and personal finance, federal student loan debt is like the cockroach that can't be destroyed. You … [Read more...]

3 Debt Relief Options If You Can No Longer Make Minimum Payments

debt relief options

When you obtain your credit reports, they will probably confirm what you already know about your finances. You may see large outstanding balances that seem insurmountable. The monthly payments may exceed your take home pay. So what can you do when you’re drowning, but don’t want to deal with the long term effects of bankruptcy?  White … [Read more...]