10 Places to Get Free Household Items (Online & Offline)

free household items

Let's be honest, is there many word that are more awesome than the word "free"? I don't think so. Well, today I'm going to hook you up by revealing ten places where you can get free household items. Here they are:   1. Pay a visit to moving neighbors - It's never failed that when I've moved from one place to another, there was a bunch of … [Read more...]

10 Cheap and Eco-Friendly Transportation Options

motorcycle rider

Think that there's only one or two ways to get around town? Hardly. If your goal is to save money or regain control of your personal finances, there are lots of cheap and eco-friendly transportation options to boot. You just have to decide which is right for you and whether you care about what your friends and neighbors would say or think. Here are … [Read more...]

12 Ideas for How to Save Money On Your Water Bill

taking a shower

Water is a precious commodity, and you're smart to investigate how to save money on your water bill. Listed below are 12 ways that you can stop wasting water without it adversely affecting your lifestyle. 1. Get water-efficient shower heads - A water-efficient or low-flow shower head uses about one-third of the water that a standard shower head … [Read more...]

How to Save Money On Electricity at Home

electricity energy

If your energy bill is going through the roof, this article will give you ten useful tips for how to save money on electricity at home. To ensure that you reduce your energy consumption by as much as possible, try to implement as many of them as you can. 1. Take advantage of off-peak hours pricing - In many cities, the power company has specific … [Read more...]

9 Great Ways to Save Money on Gas for Your Car

gas pump

If it seems like your car is chugging down gasoline faster than Shaq can drink a bottle of Gatorade, then these tips are for you. You'll find that most of these nine ways to save money on gas for your car, truck, and other vehicles are fairly easy to implement. Doing just a few of these things should result in a fuller gas tank and wallet. 1. Get … [Read more...]

How to Eliminate Your Cable Bill and Still Watch Your Favorite Shows

eliminate cable tv

Here's exactly what you need to know to eliminate or significantly reduce the cost of your monthly television cable service. In this article, I'll cover the free way, the nearly free option, and the low cost strategy. After understanding your options, you'll have the information needed to determine how to eliminate your cable bill and save a nice … [Read more...]

Save Money On Groceries: 10 Ways to Reduce Your Food Costs By 25% Per Month

save on groceries groceries

If you want to save money on groceries and food costs, I've got some good news for you. This is probably the easiest home budgeting area to get under control. That's because there are so many food choices and we tend to pay in cash or with a debit card. In addition, if you aren't putting away at least 10% of your income toward building wealth … [Read more...]