Red Wealth Belt (RWB): Introduction

red wealth belt

The Financial Dojo Red Wealth Belt™ is our third highest belt. It is above Green and below Black and Master Black. When you reach the Red Wealth Belt™ level, it’s clear that you “get it”. Red represents the energy and heat of the sun that shines upon and encourages the plant to grow toward it. Red is also the sign of danger. Red Wealth … [Read more...]

What Is A Traditional IRA?

what is a traditional ira

The Traditional IRA has been around since 1975. IRA stands for Individual Retirement Arrangement, but nearly everyone calls them Individual Retirement Accounts, which is perfectly fine. Traditional IRA’s were created by the government to encourage you and me to save more money toward our retirement years. One of the big things you should know about … [Read more...]

More Mutual Fund Styles & Investment Options

mutual fund styles

In the Green Wealth Belt mini-course, I provided a list of the best mutual fund styles that should comprise the bulk of your investment portfolio. I also laid out three Investment Portfolio Models designed to meet the needs of any investor based on their risk tolerance level.  So we’ve got you covered whether you’re an Aggressive, Moderate, or … [Read more...]

Starting a Business: The Big Idea Doesn’t Have to Be That Big & Conclusion

start a business online

In the Green Wealth Belt mini-course, I planted the first seed of getting you to seriously consider accelerating your wealth by starting a business, even on a part-time basis.  It’s great that you’re investing your money and having it work for you in mutual funds and other things. But achieving your long term goals may require that you expand your … [Read more...]