Top 10 Roth IRA Questions

top10roth ira questions

There are a lot of moving parts associated with the Roth IRA, which is one of my favorite investments. But if you're thinking of creating an account for yourself, these top 10 Roth IRA questions and answers should address some of the more common queries. Yellow Wealth Belt™ (YWB) Jumpstart Training Mini-Course Yellow Wealth Belt: … [Read more...]

Yellow Wealth Belt (YWB): Introduction

yellow wealth belt

The Financial Dojo Yellow Wealth Belt™ is the next level up from the entry-level White Wealth Belt™. As the holder of a Yellow Wealth Belt you are like a seed that is experiencing the warmth and energy of sunlight for the first time. You can now feel the rays of useful financial knowledge seeping into your consciousness. Yellow Wealth … [Read more...]

FICO Credit Score Boosters

credit score boosters

Believe it or not, it’s not very difficult to identify the components that affect your FICO credit score. This information is widely available. In addition, it shouldn’t surprise you that some components carry more weight than others. But what matters most is what you do with this knowledge. You have to apply it. Below are the elements that make up … [Read more...]

8 Step Credit Report Dispute Strategy


In the White Wealth Belt course, you learned the basics of disputing incorrect/inaccurate items contained in your credit file. Unfortunately, a credit bureau may not honor your first polite request to resolve the problem. The 8-step credit dispute strategy is a ninja technique that you can use to turn up the heat on them. The key to this technique … [Read more...]

Ways to Reduce Expenses

reduce expenses

When it comes to reducing your spending and keeping your debt under control, it first starts with the recognition that there is a problem. Then, you should identify the sources that are zapping your wallet the hardest and the deepest. I’ll cover the areas that deserve the greatest attention.  Yellow Wealth Belt (YWB) Jumpstart Training … [Read more...]