4 Big Misconceptions About Balance Transfer Credit Cards


One popular way to consolidate debt is to move all the outstanding balances on your credit cards (and perhaps other non-credit card loans) with high interest rates to a single credit card that has a low rate. This lower rate card is often referred to as a balance transfer credit card. Banks offer these types of credit cards as a way to get new … [Read more...]

Does Canceling a Credit Card Hurt Your Credit Score? (Mystery Solved)


If you're wondering whether canceling a credit card could hurt your credit score, this is an important article for you. Many people are understandably confused about this area and are right to ask how or why such a thing could be financially harmful. After all, your objective is probably to clean out the clutter in your credit file and enhance … [Read more...]

Credit Card vs Debit Card – The Pros and Cons of Each


When it comes to the credit card vs debit card debate, you might think that they're kind of the same thing give or take a few minor tweaks. But, in fact, they are very different. And each can play a different and important role in your finances and the decisions you make about spending money. After reading this article, you should have a clear … [Read more...]

How to Close a Credit Card Account Without Hurting Your Credit Score

cut up credit card

Many years ago when I was establishing a credit history and not paying very close attention to my credit file, I accumulated as many as 12 credit cards. A nice chunk of them were department store and retail cards that I came by as a result of taking advantage of (or falling for) instant 10%-15% discounts on purchases while checking out at the cash … [Read more...]