Introduction: 8 Advantages of Investing In Mutual Funds

mutual fund guide

There is a boat load of information published about mutual funds. That's probably because, for most of us, these investments will comprise the vast majority of our retirement portfolios. Mutual funds also account for the core choices within most corporate 401k, 403b, and other pension plans, as well as Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs). … [Read more...]

3 Ways Mutual Funds Make Money for Investors

3 ways mutual funds make money

Believe it or not, modern mutual funds as we know them have been around since 1924. The first one in the United States was created by the Massachusetts Investors' Trust in Boston, Massachusetts. Yet today, certain aspects of mutual funds still seem mysterious to many people. Of course, most people know that a mutual fund can invest in hundreds of … [Read more...]

The Truth About Mutual Fund Fees and Expenses

truth about mutual fund fees and expenses

If you want to ensure that the profits earned by your mutual funds aren't being siphoned off by fast talking mutual fund companies, you should read this article. In it, you'll learn about the various types of mutual fund fees and expenses, and which funds will provide the best investment deal. In the mutual fund world, the common lingo for … [Read more...]

Which Mutual Funds to Choose and When: The Money Shifting Strategy


When it comes to deciding which mutual funds to choose and invest in, the biggest factor that comes into play is the economic health of the nation and the world. And the most important indicator of an economy's health and investing environment is its interest rates. So if someone advises you to put your money into a particular stock, bond, or money … [Read more...]

How to Invest in Stock Funds

how to invest in stock funds

Unless you're nearing retirement, the biggest chunk of your investment portfolio will probably be comprised of stock mutual funds. So in this section of the guide, I'm going to walk through how to invest in stock or equity funds. After completing this section, you should to able to move forward with confidence in the mutual fund choices you make … [Read more...]

How to Invest In Bond Funds

how to invest in bond funds

While you can purchase individual bonds issued by the federal government, state municipalities, and corporations, the least risky way to do it is through mutual funds. Using this approach, you're relying on a bond expert to select and manage a large portfolio of many bonds that match your investment risk tolerance level. So in this article, I'm … [Read more...]

How to Invest In Money Market Funds & Conclusion

how to invest in money market funds

When it comes to investing in money market mutual funds, your mindset will be a bit different than investing in stock or bond funds. That's because the objective of these funds is not to make big profits. Instead, their goal is invest in very safe securities that will preserve the capital you put in and make it very easy for you to get the money … [Read more...]

Traditional IRA Rules: How to Calculate Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)

ira distribution and taxes

You probably already know that for Traditional IRAs you cannot withdraw the funds from your account prior to reaching age of 59 ½ years old, without facing a stiff 10% additional tax penalty. But after you reach that age, you can start pulling money out (and just pay standard taxes) or leave it alone for additional years. However, there will … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of Converting a 401k to a Roth IRA


If you've been thinking about converting a 401k to a Roth IRA, you should read this article. You'll learn about the pros and cons of making the move, and how to go about it the right way if you decide to proceed. Now, in separate articles I went into detail about all the advantages and disadvantages of 401ks and Roth IRAs. You can read all about … [Read more...]

5 Retirement Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid

retirement planning mistakes

Many people make the five avoidable retirement planning mistakes discussed below. The mistakes are primarily related to participation in a employer-sponsored retirement plan, portfolio diversification, and accessing funds to soon. If you can avoid these errors, your chances of a worry-free retirement will be greatly enhanced. 1. Not participating … [Read more...]

Avoid These 6 Investing Traps and Enjoy Greater Returns

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When it comes to investing in stocks and other financial instruments, below are some of the common traps that every wealth-building ninja should know about. Specifically, this article will cover traps such as sticking with investments too long, getting the wrong advice, not doing the appropriate research, and more. After reading and understanding … [Read more...]