12 Ideas for How to Save Money On Your Water Bill

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taking a shower

Water is a precious commodity, and you’re smart to investigate how to save money on your water bill. Listed below are 12 ways that you can stop wasting water without it adversely affecting your lifestyle.

1. Get water-efficient shower heads – A water-efficient or low-flow shower head uses about one-third of the water that a standard shower head would use. And some water-efficient shower heads use as little as 2 gallons of water per minute.

2. Avoid watering your lawn during peek evaporation hours – If you water your lawn at high noon, with the sun beaming brightly on your lawn, there’s no doubt that much of that water will evaporate. Poof! So, instead, water your lawn during the early morning and evening hours. And consider doing it less often as well.

3. Reduce the amount of time you spend in the shower – Depending on the shower head, you could use up to 7 gallons of water per minute when you take a shower. So a nice warm 15 minute shower consumes 105 gallons of water. Wow. So, it’s obvious how much water you’ll save by cutting your shower time to perhaps a few minutes.

4. Repair any leaky faucets and pipes – If you allow a faucet to drip 10 drops of water per minute, it will waste about 1.5 gallons per day, 43 gallons per month, and 525 gallons per year. That’s a lot of water for 10 measly drops. So pay attention to leaky faucets and pipes, and get them repaired as quickly as possible.

5. Use less water for baths – It takes 30-35 gallons of water to fill the average bathtub. You really don’t need this much water to bathe yourself. So reduce the fill by half or more. Your water bill will thank you.

6. Rinse veggies in a pan of water – Do you usually wash your fresh vegetables with the water running over them in the kitchen sink? Well, your kitchen faucet is pumping out somewhere around 3 gallons of water per minute. So why not just fill the sink or a pan with a couple of gallons of standing water and clean your veggies that way?

7. Drop a weighty item into the toilet tank – Your toilet uses about 6 gallons of water per flush. But if you fill a container with sand or rocks, seal it, and place it in the toilet tank, that’ll translate into less water usage. That’s because the mechanisms in your toilet tank automatically stops adding water once the tank’s water level reaches a certain height. That’s why your tank never overflows after a flush. A weighty container with a wide surface will cause the water to rise.

8. Avoid partial loads for the dishwasher and clothes washer – This one is pretty basic. A washing machine uses 40-50 gallons per load and a dishwasher uses about 15 gallons. So when you perform partial washes, it can be quite wasteful. Even if you tweak the settings to account for smaller loads, you’re still going to use more water than if you had done a full load.

9. Stop using the toilet to dispose of rubbish – I’ve already covered how much water your toilet uses per flush. So with that in mind, it’s important that you don’t flush bits of trash, hair, bugs, etc. Use your trash bin for these things.

10. Don’t use water the water hose to clean your driveway – Your water hose has about 3-9 gallons of water flowing through it every minute. If you spend five or ten minutes cleaning your driveway of dirt, grime, and debris using your water hose, that’s a lot of water. Consider using a push broom.

11. Stop using the garbage disposal – Typically when you use your garbage disposal, the water will be gushing from the faucet while it’s in operation. You can save more water by simply putting waste in the trash or creating your own compost.

12. Avoid brushing your teeth with the water running – You’d be better off by simply filling a cup or glass with water and using it to rinse your toothbrush. Then, filling it again to rinse your mouth.

So there you have 12 ideas for how to save money on your water bill. It’s pretty easy to do things such as reducing the amount of time spent in the shower, repairing water leaks, and washing full loads of clothes and dishes. Just pause and think for a moment any time you get ready turn a faucet handle or press a lever.