FICO Credit Score Boosters

credit score boosters

Believe it or not, it’s not very difficult to identify the components that affect your FICO credit score. This information is widely available. In addition, it shouldn’t surprise you that some components carry more weight than others. But what matters most is what you do with this knowledge. You have to apply it. Below are the elements that make up … [Read more...]

8 Step Credit Report Dispute Strategy


In the White Wealth Belt course, you learned the basics of disputing incorrect/inaccurate items contained in your credit file. Unfortunately, a credit bureau may not honor your first polite request to resolve the problem. The 8-step credit dispute strategy is a ninja technique that you can use to turn up the heat on them. The key to this technique … [Read more...]

Cleaning Up Your Credit Report

cleaning up your credit report

There are two phases to regaining control of your credit. The first phase is to review your credit reports and make sure they don’t contain incorrect or inaccurate information about you or your credit history. This is the area that we will focus on in this section of the mini-course. White Wealth Belt (WWB) Jumpstart Training … [Read more...]

Credit Report Information Alert: 6 Organizations That Can Legally Spy On Your Private File

prying eyes

Think you know who all is taking a peek at your credit report information? Don't bet on it. Your credit file is accessible to more people than you would imagine. Oh sure, you expect a potential creditor to examine your credit report information when you apply for a car loan, mortgage, or new credit card. They always tell you if you've been … [Read more...]