Top 10 Roth IRA Questions

top10roth ira questions

There are a lot of moving parts associated with the Roth IRA, which is one of my favorite investments. But if you're thinking of creating an account for yourself, these top 10 Roth IRA questions and answers should address some of the more common queries. Yellow Wealth Belt™ (YWB) Jumpstart Training Mini-Course Yellow Wealth Belt: … [Read more...]

Black Wealth Belt (BWB): Introduction

black wealth belt

The Financial Dojo Black Wealth Belt™ is our second highest wealth belt. It is above the Red Wealth Belt™ and below the Master Black Wealth Belt™. As a Black Wealth Belt™ holder, it means that you are approaching “rare air” financial territory. Black represents the unknown beyond the sun. It signifies a desire and openness for new and greater … [Read more...]

Red Wealth Belt (RWB): Introduction

red wealth belt

The Financial Dojo Red Wealth Belt™ is our third highest belt. It is above Green and below Black and Master Black. When you reach the Red Wealth Belt™ level, it’s clear that you “get it”. Red represents the energy and heat of the sun that shines upon and encourages the plant to grow toward it. Red is also the sign of danger. Red Wealth … [Read more...]

Green Wealth Belt (GWB): Introduction

green wealth belt

The Financial Dojo Green Wealth Belt™ is the next level up from the Yellow Wealth Belt. It’s just about in the middle of the wealth belt pack. As a Green Wealth Belt™ holder, you’re like the plant seed that has just broken through the earth with the intent to reach the sun. You know the basic components and techniques of building wealth.  Now is … [Read more...]

Yellow Wealth Belt (YWB): Introduction

yellow wealth belt

The Financial Dojo Yellow Wealth Belt™ is the next level up from the entry-level White Wealth Belt™. As the holder of a Yellow Wealth Belt you are like a seed that is experiencing the warmth and energy of sunlight for the first time. You can now feel the rays of useful financial knowledge seeping into your consciousness. Yellow Wealth … [Read more...]

White Wealth Belt (WWB): Introduction

white wealth belt

The White Wealth Belt™ is our lowest or entry level belt. If you are seeking knowledge to transform your personal finances and enhance your financial self-defense skills through our dojo, you are hereby granted a White Wealth Belt. But it also means that your finances are probably taking a severe beating and you need to learn some of the basic … [Read more...]

Our Wealth-Building System: The C.A.L.M. Approach

the calm approach

Every dojo offers a system, focus, and set of techniques for teaching students to protect themselves and achieve their goals. In martial arts, the systems go by names such as Jiu-jitsu, Taekwondo, Karate, Judo, etc. Here at Financial Dojo, we teach the CALM Approach™ or System. That’s why our tagline is, “Take the C.A.L.M. Approach to Building … [Read more...]

Introduction to The Puzzle Box Paradigm

puzzle box paradigm

If you ask anyone in my family, they would tell you that from a very young age I was constantly thinking of ways and ideas to make money. I was utterly fascinated with business and hoped I would have my own company one day. What I discovered later in life is that my passion for business was driven more by being able to turn thoughts and ideas into … [Read more...]

Guiding Principle #3: Know Thy Finances

household budget

The third guiding principle of the Puzzle Box Paradigm is to know your current financial and wealth situation. This puzzle box border also shares a corner puzzle piece with the “Know Thy Personality” border where it’s critical that you understand your relationship with money.  That relationship is a powerful determinant of your wealth building … [Read more...]

Guiding Principle #4: Know Thy Goals & Conclusion

goal setting

The fourth guiding principle of the Puzzle Box Paradigm is to know your goals. And while this is the final border of your personal puzzle box picture, it is just as important as the other sides. In fact, it shares corner puzzle pieces with the “Know Thy Lifestyle” and “Know Thy Finances” borders. So the thoughts and ideas that you generated in … [Read more...]